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Gubie Tuesday: Bonus Baseball

April 16, 2024

Today was an excellent showcase of the Angels baseball experience. Mike Trout stole a base. Logan O’Hoppe got a home run immediately after Mickey Moniak got a 2-run home run. Everything was set for a win and then we had a classic Angels baseball moment. The Angels gave up a two run lead in the bottom of the ninth. The good thing is that the game remained tied and went to extra innings. Bonus baseball on Gubie Tuesday is a dream result. It would have been even better if we won. The Angels lost in the bottom of the 13th inning.

The unexpected runtime of today’s baseball game brought us some fresh commercials. In-N-Out ran a commercial. I thought we would be seeing more In-N-Out commercials this season as they were playing pretty regularly during Spring Training. Farmer Boys and Sonic also ran commercials. Jack in the Box dominated the tally today.

By the time the 3:50 PM Angels game ended, the 7:10 PM Dodgers game had already started. By that point I was kind of done with baseball for the day and only watched the Ohtani at-bats to see if he would break the record for most home runs by a Japanese-born player. He did not. I was really hoping that he would break it tonight. This was the last Dodgers game this week that I will be able to watch live.

I am looking at the schedule to see how much baseball I will miss this week. If Bally Sports doesn’t replay the 10 AM game on Thursday at a more reasonable time, I may go six days without watching a game. The struggle.

The Breakdown

Bally Sports

Carl’s Jr.30
Farmer Boys10
Jack in the Box41
Taco Bell10

Overall Total This Season

Carl’s Jr.506
Del Taco20
El Pollo Loco150
Farmer Boys10
Jack in the Box4722
Raising Cane’s20
Taco Bell20

The Logs

Angels Thread

Gubie Tuesday hype train Woot Woot

End 1st:

Carl's Jr - $5 burgers

Top 2nd:

Jack in the Box banner ad for popcorn chicken.

End 2nd:

Jack in the Box - popcorn chicken

End 3rd:

Carl's Jr - $5 burgers

Mid 4th:

A Taco Bell commercial. That's different.

Bottom 7th:

Mid-game ad for popcorn chicken.

Mid 8th:

Jack in the Box - popcorn chicken

Jack in the Box - Smashed Jack

End 8th:

Carl's Jr - $5 burgers

Mid 9th:

A Subway ad? A lot of variety today.

Extra inning hype train

Top 10th:

A banner ad for... Arby's???

End 10th:

A Farmer Boys commercial?!!

Mid 10th:

Another restaurant I usually don't see commercials for.

Sonic - chicken wraps

End 11th:

In-N-Out hype

Mid 13th:

A Wendy's commercial.