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Rain Delay Creates Primetime Baseball

April 13, 2024

Between an early afternoon birthday party and Coachella live streams, I thought I had missed baseball for the day. While waiting for No Doubt to take the stage after Blur, I decided to check in on Ohtani and was pleasantly surprised to see the game was only in the second inning at 8:40 PM.

I watched about twenty minutes of baseball and saw a mid-game Carl’s Jr. commercial and a commercial for Del Taco. I didn’t bother logging them on Mastodon. I was trying to eat dinner before watching Coachella live streams the rest of the night. I am surprised it took this long to see a Del Taco commercial during a baseball game. It is a restaurant that I usually see commercials for on other channels.

I will probably be disappointed by Bally Sports not showing a replay of a 10 AM baseball game tomorrow. The Dodgers game is at a time that potentially conflicts with some Coachella live streams I want to watch, but I feel more confident about Spectrum SportsNet LA repeating the game.

The Breakdown

Spectrum SportsNet LA

Carl’s Jr.10
Del Taco10

Overall Total This Season

Carl’s Jr.416
Del Taco10
El Pollo Loco150
Jack in the Box4117
Taco Bell10

The Logs

No Mastodon posts tonight.