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Gubie Tuesday: Mike Trout homers, Angels Struggle.

April 9, 2024

I can’t believe the Angels lost on Gubie Tuesday. The Angels losing an early lead is a classic move. Mike Trout got a home run in the first inning. It is his sixth of the season which currently makes him tied for first for most home runs this year. Rendon pulled through and stole a base. I missed a chunk of the game tonight to watch two new episodes of Lopez vs Lopez on NBC. I also had a chance to check in on how Ohtani was doing. He is currently on a hitting streak. I saw him get another double today.

Today marked the first day I watched a Taco Bell commercial during a baseball game. That is a restaurant that heavily reminds me of the World Series. I guess that Steal A Base, Steal A Taco promotion is doing its job.

Both the Angels and Dodgers have early games tomorrow. I expect to miss both of them. Neither team has a game on Thursday. This could mean two days without watching baseball. The struggle.

The Breakdown

Bally Sports West

Carl’s Jr.10
Jack in the Box20
Taco Bell10

Spectrum SportsNet LA

Carl’s Jr.40
El Pollo Loco20
Jack in the Box13

Overall Total This Season

Carl’s Jr.396
El Pollo Loco150
Jack in the Box4116
Taco Bell10

The Logs

Dodgers thread

Angels thread

Checking in on the Ohtani action.

End 1st:

Carl's Jr - $5 burgers

Bottom 3rd:

Banner ad saying that if the Dodgers get 4 more strikeouts there will be free Jumbo Jacks tomorrow.

End 5th:

The classic duo

Carl's Jr - Pilot commercial
Carl's Jr - $5 burgers

Top 7th:

I'm going to call this a banner ad for popcorn chicken even though it was taking up nearly half the screen.

Mid 7th:

El Pollo Loco - Double Tostadas
El Pollo Loco - Fire grilled Family Meal

End 7th:

Carl's Jr - Pilot commercial

Top 8th:

Another in-game banner promo for popcorn chicken.

Mid 8th:

Jack in the Box - popcorn chicken

Gubie Tuesday hype train Woot Woot

Mid 1st:

First time this season I've watched a commercial for Taco Bell.

End 1st:

Jack in the Box - popcorn chicken
Jack in the Box - Smashed Jack

Focusing in on the game again:

End 8th:

Carl's Jr - Pilot commercial