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LTBU: Mike Trout Cycle Watch

April 8, 2024

It was an exciting day for baseball. The Dodgers game was on at a reasonable time so I got to witness Ohtani’s third home run of the season. The Angels started their series against Tampa Bay and won 7-1. Mike Trout was on cycle watch after hitting a triple and a home run early on in the game. He only needed a double to complete the cycle. Taylor Ward and Anthony Rendon also got multiple hits tonight.

I always hype up the possibility of an inside the park home run whenever someone gets a solid hit. I didn’t get to witness this live, but I did get to see highlight reels of Reds’ Elly De La Cruz getting the first inside the park home run for any player this season along with his first home run of the season. I was searching on Google earlier today to find out when the last time a player from any team got an inside the park home run. I did not find the answer as easily as I thought I would. Now the work is done for me.

Jack in the Box appears to rolling out a new advertising campaign for popcorn chicken. I saw multiple banner ads for it on both the Angels and Dodgers game. The Dodgers game also had a banner ad promoting a free Jumbo Jack with the purchase of a large drink at participating locations.

The Angels game tonight also resulted in a free food giveaway that was not promoted on the broadcast. Any home game where the Angels earn seven or more runs will result in Chick-fil-A giving away a free chicken sandwich at participating locations. Maybe the announcers are sparing us by not mentioning it.

I also saw a commercial for Arby’s tonight. Have you ever been so hungry that you could eat at Arby’s?

The Breakdown

Bally Sports West

Carl’s Jr.31
El Pollo Loco20
Jack in the Box01

Spectrum SportsNet LA

Carl’s Jr.30
Jack in the Box13

Overall Total This Season

Carl’s Jr.346
El Pollo Loco130
Jack in the Box3813

The Logs

Two threads tonight:

Dodgers thread

Angels thread

Seeing what Ohtani is up to:

So far I've seen 3 ads for Carl's Jr and a banner ad for a promo at Jack in the Box.

End 7th:

A new Jack in the Box ad?!?! Popcorn chicken!

Top 8th:

A banner ad for the popcorn chicken combo.

Bottom 9th:

Banner ad for free Jumbo Jacks

That was a quick game. Clocking in at two hours and fifteen minutes.

It's time for Angels baseball.

Mid 1st:

A Carl's Jr commercial to kick things off.

Bottom 3rd:

Carl's Replay Cam highlighting the time Rendon batted left-handed and got a home run. What a moment.

May have missed some commercials in the middle of the fourth. I was watching the footage of Elly De La Cruz getting an inside the park home run.

End 4th:

Carl's Jr - Pilot commercial

Top 5th:

Jack in the Box is also hyping up the popcorn chicken combos on Bally Sports. There was a banner ad for it.

Mid 5th:

El Pollo Loco - Double Tostadas
El Pollo Loco - Fire-grilled Family Meal

Mid 8th:

An Arby's commercial?

End 8th:

Carl's Jr - $5 burgers