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Sunday Baseball: The Struggle Continues

April 7, 2024

There was baseball. There were commercials. The Red Sox may have gotten plenty of content that can be used in their planned Netflix documentary. The only good thing that I can say is that at least Mike Trout prevented a shutout with his first home run at Angel stadium this season.

The Breakdown

Bally Sports West

Carl’s Jr.30
El Pollo Loco10
Jack in the Box40

Overall Total This Season

Carl’s Jr.285
El Pollo Loco110
Jack in the Box379

The Logs

A Mastodon thread listing the commercials I watched during today’s loss against Boston.

Early Angels game today.

End 1st:

Carls Jr - Pilot commercial

End 2nd:

El Pollo Loco - family meals

Mid 3rd:

Jack in the Box - Smashed Jack
Jack in the Box - Smashed Jack

End 3rd:

Carl's Jr - $5 burgers

End 6th:

Jack in the Box - Smashed Jack

Bottom 7th:

Mid-game ad for Jack in the Box.

End 7th:

Carl's Jr - Pilot commercial