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LTBU: Angels Get First Win at Home!

April 6, 2024

Between the Angels game, Svengoolie, Formula 1 and Saturday Night Live, it is going to be a busy night. I am sure I missed a bunch of commercials. Disappointing news about Schanuel’s streak being retroactively ended due to a scoring change to a game that was played a week ago. The Angels won at least. Time for racing? The Japanese Grand Prix is currently in a red flag as I write this.

The Breakdown

Bally Sports West

Carl’s Jr.20
Jack in the Box11

Overall Total This Season

Carl’s Jr.255
El Pollo Loco100
Jack in the Box339

The Logs

A short Mastodon thread covering tonight’s Angels game.

Settling in to watch the game.

Mid 2nd:

A Carl's Jr commercial.

I was eating some dinner. My counts are going to be off but I know for sure that I watched one Jack in the Box commercial and saw one banner ad. Seeing what is on Svengoolie tonight. Might switch it back to the game.

I'm sure there has been more commercials but my focus has been off of the game.

End 8th:

Carl's Jr - $5 burgers