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Sports on a Sunday?

March 31, 2024

The Angels earned their first win of the season. It was a busy morning so I missed most of the game. I just don’t understand Bally Sports’ habit of not rebroadcasting Sunday games on Sunday. The game started at 10:30 AM here, there is probably room on the schedule to show it at least one more time in a more traditional time slot.

There was a Dodgers game on ESPN this afternoon. We aren’t even a full week into the season and we are already on our third outlet broadcasting a Dodgers game. Could you imagine if Saturday’s game was shown on Fox? What a mess. I paid very little attention to this game. I was still busy. This is a good reminder that this project is tracking the amount of fast food commercials I watch and not how many were actually shown.

My divided attention is reflected in the number of commercials I watched. I have a strong feeling that Bally Sports showed more than one commercial for Jack in the Box.

The Breakdown

Bally Sports West

Jack in the Box11

Overall Total This Season

Carl’s Jr.71
El Pollo Loco20
Jack in the Box74

The Logs

A short Mastodon thread for today’s Angels game.

Just tuning into the game. There was a Jack in the Box banner ad when the game returned for the top of the 6th.

It should be noted that it is a busy morning and this game is barely background noise to me right now.

A Smashed Jack mid-game ad in the top of the 8th.