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Where Did Baseball Go? Where Did Burgers Go?

March 29, 2024

One of the common complaints about Major League Baseball that I see online is how difficult it can be to watch. Spectrum has been running a series of commercials explaining how customers get access to over 140 Dodgers games this season. That is plenty of games for most people, but it is still about twenty games short of the complete 162 game season.

After yesterday’s excitement about opening day, we are already in a situation where having a cable subscription is just not enough to watch baseball. Many teams had the day off today, including the Angels. That still left some Ohtani action to potentially catch, but only for people with access to Apple TV+. I will probably have more to say about the service when it inevitably interrupts Mark Gubicza’s Angels commentary, but tonight’s game featured Wayne Randazzo so there was at least a familiar voice.

Focusing in on Ohtani’s performance makes the game sound underwhelming, but the Dodgers earned another win. Advertisements during the game mostly felt like a method for Apple to remind people that they have shows available to stream. I did not see commercials for any fast food restaurants. Cameras focusing in on the snack bars between one of the innings was the closest we got to food on the screen. We were saved from watching Carl’s Jr. commercials.

The Breakdown

Apple TV+

Carl’s Jr.00


Carl’s Jr.20
Jack in the Box22

The Logs

There isn’t much to say, but if you want to read the thread, there is one.

Angels have the night off so I'm checking out the Dodgers game on Apple TV+. Will there be Carl's Jr commercials?

I don't recall seeing any fast food commercials at all during the game.